What’s Gucci?

Hello, it’s me.

Right now I’m listening to someone snore over Facetime and that got me to thinking, I love a lot of things. Weird, but stick with me. Hearing people snore can be annoying, it’s such a natural thing that people do yet when it someone near you its aggravating. I know I’m guilty of plugging the nose of an obnoxious snorer, and I’m not talking a gentle grumble… I’m talking you’re wondering if there’s a bear growling at you from across the room. It happens. However, I like this snore. I know it’s a sound I comfortably fall asleep next to every night whether it be over the phone or in person. It’s a routine I love. And I’ve thought about love now. Everybody has love in their hearts, except for you Rapist Brock Turner, but I’ve never taken a second to think about how I love and why I love. It’s just something that is. I know I love my family. I know I love to dance. I know I love dessert. My heart is so full, and that’s pretty cool I think. I notice there are a lot of people who neglect to admit or show they have souls. It’s as if having passion or expressing emotion is lame or uncool. It’s not cool to not have a heart. Pretending is only cool if you’re in a theatre program. It’s exciting to be passionate. How boring would it be to live in a world that is blacks, whites, and grays. I want the whole rainbow, plus glitter. I tried to colour-theme my instagram once. How is that fun to do?

So here’s me, figuring out how I love and showing you what it is that I do. I love love. Here are my passions, I have a lot, you’ll see. I’m an open book so here I am, opening it for you.

🙂 Case


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