Daze off on my days off

We all look forward to summer, counting down the seconds to freedom and sunshine. Everyone has a different plan for their summer; from cottages and beaches to parties and family. Like many other students, I’ve dedicated this summer to working. Yay, right? Moving away for school is tough, but staying away for the summer is just painful. This is definitely not one of my best decisions, and I think about it every night when I have to send a goodnight text to my parents. Home is where the heart is, and you never realize it until your time spent there becomes limited.

So I’ve become a busy bee. I love working, I really like making use of my days so having them filled with productivity doesn’t really feel like a burden of responsibility. I mean, realistically I’ve forgotten what a social life feels like and I can get pretty wavy off half a drink, but I’m cool with it. My time isn’t wasted and I like to be able to say I work hard for what I have. The silver lining of all of this boring-ness (the routine of work, the gym, meal prep, repeat) is that every so often you get the perfect day off. The one that falls on a Saturday or Sunday and the weather is nice and maybe your home girl has it off too. Those are the days I live for. I try to plan my cheat days around those days just to increase the glory of it all.

On one hand you feel like you owe it to yourself to stay in bed, just sloth all day long because you have no where to be. Sounds nice. While some days I’m guilty of doing that, avoiding my hair brush and foods with out any nutritional value, I prefer to take advantage of the day by utilizing it for myself. So here’s a few ways I like to spend my “vacay day”:

Going to the gym- I love to lift so it doesn’t feel like a responsibility I want a break from. It feels amazing going to the gym without having a time frame, like actually getting to enjoy it and not rush through your set. Even better, I love being able to do a two-a-day comfortably. Sometimes I tell myself I should hit up a hot yoga class some time but why sweat it when you can just try shaving your legs in a tight shower while trying to avoid getting your hair wet? That’s the real work out.

Cook- This is something I do every day, but it’s a routine thing to do. We like to keep clean macros so our grocery cart and meals usually look pretty similar through out the week, keeps it simple and quick. Sigh sigh. It’s not that I eat boring meals,  however when I am given the time and space to actually figure out what I want and then make it, it’s so much better. I don’t skip breakfast, but I level up in breakfast game when I get the chances to.

Reorganize- Read this sentence twice if you must: I like to clean. Not like Cinderella-type cleaning, but like tidying and organizing. We are all busy people so sometimes the living space isn’t, um, mom-standards? Not only is it relaxing, it’s just a nice thing to do okay? I like a clean kitchen and it’s not hard to make a kitchen clean. And if I get bored maybe I’ll reorganize my closet or Windex my mirror. Real fun stuff like that.

Pamper- I have to be in the mood to do this but it’s always rewarding. Painting nails, face masques, tanning, touching up eyebrows. You get the idea. Always good to treat yo’ self.

Wind down- As much as I like to be up and moving, nothing screams day off like watching a movie in bed. I always turn to Kate Hudson rom-coms or catch up on Chelsea Handler’s new show, just anything that’s light and funny. I started to watch the new Hunger Games movie by myself once and I just felt really lame for watching an exciting movie by myself.

If the time is convenient I do try to see if I can visit home or see some friends, but life likes to manage everyone’s schedules to work against each other. That’s really just how my day usually goes on a day like today. So I’m going to get back to purging my sister’s closet while she’s at work, now. He he.

🙂 Case


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