My healthy habits

When it comes to healthy living, everyone has their own recipe. There are so many diets out there, so many fads, and plans, and goals. Some people invest themselves into these things while others are comfortable with the bare minimum effort. Both are perfectly good ways of living. It all depends on what sparks your passion and interest. I am interested in food and how the body works, so I’m more inclined to focus my energy towards that. Each body is different and we all have our own ways of doing things, catering our habits and routines to what we prefer. Not everyone likes to count their calories but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about what they’re eating, some people are at the gym every day while others prefer a jog or a dog-walk to keep active. There is no wrong way of taking care of your body, as long as you are taking care of it. This post is to share my own habits and how I choose to lead a healthy lifestyle. Over time I have learned how my body works, what it needs, and what I am better off without, so this is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Most importantly, it is mine and it tastes good.

IIFYM: If It Fits Your Macros is something I’ve been doing since my first year of college. I’ve gotten into the routine of it and I really enjoy it. It is definitely not for everyone. Your macro-nutrients consist of your protein, carbs, and fats. Based on your height, weight, and goals, you find your ideal daily intake and ratios of each. I don’t focus so much on the number of calories, as long as it’s in a healthy zone. This means I count my food, I measure it out on a scale and I log it into the app My Fitness Pal. Again, not everyone’s niche. The fun thing about macro counting is that you have the space to do what your want. If you have a sweet tooth and just NEED a cookie, you can fit it to your macros. It’s about balance. It is not a torturous daily routine and crunching on a celery stick when your stomach starts to growl, it’s balance. I personally prefer cleaner macros, trying to curb too much processed foods and sugars that I don’t necessarily need. But if I want a cupcake, I’m putting a cupcake in there. Once you get into the swing of things it becomes easier to figure out. I’ve learned how to fit a whole pizza in there. 

Dissecting your metabolism: I don’t have a bad metabolism, I have a decent resting rate which is nice for those days I feel like sloth-ing around. I watch my burned calories through my polar watch, though it’s obviously not 100% accurate it is still assuring to assume a ballpark number. I like to keep my carbs fairly low because I really struggle to meet them either way. I’ve found that my body reacts really well to cycling my carbs, 3 days low and on the fourth day I’ll aim for a much higher number. It’s fun to see what I can throw in that carb window. I wake up the next morning feeling so good and lean. I can literally feel my body saying “thank you so much for all these carbs!” Fro-yo is the way to go, usually… Always. 

Weight-training: Lifting weights is so much fun! I train with my sister and it’s just a grand ole time in the gym, every day. Having a gym buddy makes everything better. They push you and motivate you and lets be real here, neither of us wants to be the fat twin. We throw in cardio a few times a week, more so now with it being summer, and it is just awful. Nothing is slower than a stair master minute. 

It’s a simple structure, no special diets or tea-toxes. Just effort and research. Everything is simple once you understand your body. I’m still learning. I love it! It’s not all about flexing in the mirror, it’s about feeling good too! I notice a difference when I lose my focus, even after one day, so I try to avoid that until a break is necessary. Realistically the main rule to healthy living is this: Holiday calories don’t count. It’s strictly science.

🙂 Case



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