What’s on my playlist?

Having new music on my phone is such a thrill. Literally nothing amps me up for a workout or car ride more than a good playlist. I’m scrolling through my playlists right now and I don’t know if everyone else does this but I have them organized in so many random categories; gym, dance, shower, drives home, pre-game, Christmas, Halloween, sleep, sing along, show tunes, chill… It goes on and on and I’m not sure the last time I actually went through these. I will admit that I do have a killer Christmas playlist. Seriously, ask my roommates how much they love me in November. 

I thought I’d share with you my most used playlist, my workout playlist! The music a person listens to says a lot about them but when I put my whole phone on shuffle it is just all over the map. My gym music is basically just a sprinkle of everything, perfect for any mood and overall good energy throughout. I usually update and purge it every few weeks but I’ll give you my staple eargasms that never get cut.

1. Enter Sandman- Metallica 

2. Savior- Rise Against

3. Feeling Good- Ship Wrek

4. Freaks- Timmy Trumpet

5. Hooked On A Feeling- Blue Swede

6. Addicted To You- Avicii

7. Wild Out- Borgore

8. Fergalicious- Fergie (OBVIOUSLY)

9. Stronger- Kanye West

10. Want To Want Me- Timeflies Tuesday

11. Icky Thump- White Stripes

12. Everybody- Backstreet Boys (Oski x Apashe x Lennon Trap Remix)

13. Peice Of Me- Britney Spears

14. Jumpman- Drake & Future

15. Hungry- Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard

And here are some recent adds that I’ve been feeling a little extra lately:

1. Boom- Major Lazer

2. Too Good- Drake & Rihanna

3. Me Too- Meghan Trainer 

4. Don’t Hurt Yourself- Beyoncé & Jack White

5. Strive- A$AP Ferg & Missy Elliot

6. Formation- Beyoncé

7. Fight Song- Timeflies Tuesday

8. Don’t Tell Nobody- Tink

9. Holding On- Disclosure & Gregory Porter

10. Crazy Bitch- BuckCherry 


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